Michael Kula

To Michael: There are always consequences for your actions. This is the consequences of you masturbating on to my autistic daughters underwear causing me to lose my relationship with my children. We were doing everything to help you and be there for you and raise you, but you ruined it all and hurt far too many people.

To everyone else: If you are going to bitch and complain that I am a bad person for doing this. First, what Michael did was far far worse. Second, the police post up pictures of sex offenders in the police station. If the police can do it, I can too. Police are not above the law. Third, if you are going to bitch and complain, it might be best to make sure that I don’t have dirt on you because I will not hesitate to expose your shitty behaviors as well. I am not afraid of anything at this point. I have nothing left to lose.

Michael Kula

DOB 9-18-2000

Super Villain Name: The Diddler

My Experience with Michael and why I am doing this

Let’s start from the beginning, or at least my beginning with this family.

I met Michele, Michael’s aunt in September of 2013. Due to some rather shitty circumstances, I moved in with Michele shortly after. Michele lived with her mom, Michael, and her 2 children Arianna and Daniel. Arianna was 9 at the time, Daniel was 5, and Michael was 13.

First and foremost, Michael has a history of lying so much and it became so ingrained into his personality so much that nearly everything he told you was a straight up lie, even if it was not something that he was in trouble for or anything like that, he was just always always lying to everyone. It is impossible to get the truth out of Michael about anything at all.

It was made aware to me that Michael had been exposed to some not so age appropriate movies shortly prior to me meeting Michele and that Michael had an issue with looking up pornography on anything that he could due to his not interest in woman’s private parts. Granted, Michael was born premature as an addicted baby. The effects of those conditions greatly affected Michael. Although Michael was 13, he had the mentality of an 8 year old, couldn’t talk correctly, and as you can see by his handwriting examples below from when he was 18, even his motor functions are impaired.

So, although Michael had the mentality of an 8 year old, he also had the body of a 13 year old boy, hormones and all. Apparently Michael had even taken Arianna’s ipod to look up pornography at left the images on it and Arianna and her friends ended up accidentally coming across them as Arianna tried to show her friends some pictures she had taken.

Once I moved in, Michael had gotten caught looking up porn again. He got grounded for it. It happened again and again. Each time his punishment from me was a little severe until it got the the point that Michael’s punishment was to dig a 2 foot deep trench about 25 feet long so we could get electricity over to our garage. He spent almost 3 days digging and I figured that he would have learned his lesson from that. No, not this kid. This kid just doesn’t fucking learn.

I caught Michael, multiple times, masturbating while his much younger male cousin was in the same room.

Listen, I have no problem with people masturbating. Everyone needs to get off. But there is a right and wrong way to do it. In the bedroom with your young cousin is not the right way to do it.

We got michael in therapy, got his a ‘Big Brother’ through a mentoring program, got him into boy scouts… We tried very hard for this kid. Hell, and the fucker isn’t even my kid and I am trying all I can to help him. I bring him to his appointments, I pushed for help for him, went to almost every single meeting appointment and everything for this kid, and there were literally HUNDREDS of appointments that I have gone to.

Michael ended up getting kicked out of the mentoring/big brother program because he couldn’t stop talking about inappropriate things with his mentor. That in turned caused him to lose the funding for him to be in boy scouts.

I caught Michael bringing a knife to school (in the picture below) that he stole from me and he had the intent on stabbing another student because his friends told him to. I went and spoke with the principal and guidance counselor at the school about it and they forgot to address it with Michael. Fucking idiots.

So Micheals behavior kept getting worse. Michele and I try not to be nosy parents, even ask Arianna as we never look through her phone or private stuff ever, but michael has been caught doing many times, we knew that we couldn’t just trust Michael.

In 2015, my evil ex-wife, known as Cunta-the-Hut, filed an ex-parte stating that my autistic daughter had been raped and that she brought my daughter to the hospital to have a rape kit done on her. I tried to fight it, because I was not charged with anything, but the biased court system decided that I had too much white male privilege and decided to side with the cunt that came with absolutely no evidence. Fucking douche bag feminist cunt judge. (Yeah, I found out afterwards that the judge is a feminist that rallied in DC for woman’s rights and shit, yeah, fucking biased bitch).

So now I have absolutely no visitation rights to my children. And this isn’t the first time my ex said shit like this. She went to the PD previously and said Michael was taking nude pictures of my daughters and DCYF came and did interviews and everything and determined that the complaint was unfounded. Of course, I personally investigated this claim and found nothing in Michaels possession that was in line with the accusations.

I went to police MANY times, nearly harassing Detective Pike to fucking talk to me. She would not return my calls, so I would go to the PD and try to talk to her. What in the fuck.

Michael kept continuing to get caught looking at porn in inappropriate places, stealing people devices just so he could look up porn, go to the library just to look up porn. Each time he got caught he was always looking up weirder and weirder shit. Michael had even been caught with a phone that he stole from us. On this phone he has made an account on Kik and was pretending to be a girl so he could get older men to send him videos of their genitals and masturbating. Hey, I don’t care at all if he is gay or bisexual or anything like that, but being a minor and pretending to be a girl so men can send you images of themselves is outright dangerous, and he is putting those other people at risk as well. Like, wtf.

Also on this phone we found pictures of him with our dogs face in his naked crotch, child porn images, images of common cartoon characters doing sexual things like the 3 despicable me girls diking out. I had to just shut the phone off because I was so grossed out with the shit I was seeing. Like, if this is the shit that Michael is getting off to, how the fuck is he ever going to have a normal relationship? We knew michael needed serious help.

After Michael had been caught going to the library to look at porn, I finally called the police and asked them what they can do to help us with this out of control child. The police couldn’t do much besides recommending bringing Michael to a hospital.

I honestly forget what the breaking point was and what he was caught doing this time, maybe it was when I caught him trying to sneak into Arianna bedroom while she was sleeping, but in june of 2016 I felt that his behavior was out of control and putting our family at risk with his behaviors. I brought Michael to a hospital and expressed my concerns to the shrinks there. I was genuinely concerned for my children, and also for Michael’s future. I stayed with him at the hospital for many many hours making sure that they were going to finally get Michael some help. They admitted him into the hospital, but because they could not find any placement for Michael, he ended up being stuck in the emergency room for almost 3 weeks. I guess it is really difficult to find places that will take a child in with a history of uncontrollable sexual impulses.

They finally got Michael into one place, and then not too long later he got transferred to a CBAT program that specializes with children having these type of behaviors. Michele and I ended up having almost a dozen meetings every week concerning Michael. Michele constantly had to leave work early for these appointments, and our whole summer was ruined by almost non-stop appointments, but we wanted to get Michael help so we were willing to do what was necessary to help him. We truly cared for Michael and did everything in our power to help this kid.

While Michael was in the CBAT program, we figured we should do a total cleaning of the bedroom because Michael ALWAYS left it a disaster. Upon cleaning we found a binder (see images below) full of pictures of girls at his school that he printed from the Library, pages torn out of Arianna’s clothing catalog that depicted young girls, what looked like plans to do a school massacre, and Arianna’s bra’s and underwear. We IMMEDIATELY told the CBAT program what we had found. The person at the CBAT program that was our primary contact was concerned and asked me to examine the under garments for any signs of semen. Michael ended up admitting to the binder full of naughty stuff and told the staff that we was only wearing the underwear because he wanted to get a sex change… but I don’t believe that story one bit.

Disgusting perv

While Michael was in the CBAT program, Detective Pike FINALLY got back to me for me to come in, alone, for an interview. “OH hell yeah” I thought. This was more than 2 years after my ex filed that ex-parte order, and in that order my ex was also claiming that I beat my daughter and a whole bunch of other stupid shit that was impossible because I had just had 2 big shoulder injuries.

I went to the PD and saw Detective Pike and her sidekick Sir DumbFuck. I spoke with them for well over an hour.. and I actually think we were going close to 3 hours by the end of the interview. They asked me questions that I figured they were just trying to get the feel for my nervousness. They were asking about the bedrooms, Michael, how we do our laundry, and other things that just didn’t seem to make sense of why they would be asking these questions if they are trying to investigate a claim of abuse. I didn’t really want to talk about Michael at all because I didn’t understand how this investigation had anything at all to do with him.

After like 90 minutes into the interview Sir DumFuck finally screams at me “Ok you know why we are here. Just admit to it”, and of course I am all confused and I am like “Admit to WHAT?!?”
Sir DumbFuck says “The semen on your daughters underwear. You did it and we know it!”

Of course, I am completely dumbfounded. And then it clicked. Michael. That little fucking son of a bitch. With everything that we were doing to help him, trying to curb his behaviors, bring him to appointments… everything, and that little piece of fucking shit couldn’t control himself from jerking off onto my daughters underwear. And now, here I am getting grilled by the fucking police because of what Michael did. My children ripped away from me because of Michaels actions.

So now I know what is really going on. Shit head Michael can’t keep his hands off his dick and my daughters underwear has to be his jerk off material. And my ex-wife, the oversized whale of a cunt, saw that mark on my daughters underwear and decided to run with it making claims to everyone that I raped my daughter. I see exactly what is going on here now.

Sir DumbFuck decided to grill me even more and then I told them everything about what is going on with Michael, about how he is in the CBAT program for these exact behaviors. I told them about the binder of naughty things… everything. I told them it all. But, of course, Sir DumbFuck decides to say to me “You probably planted all of that and you sent him to the hospital to cover for yourself”. Really? Just, really? Yes, I spent YEARS making up all this evidence, getting Michael hospitalized, hundreds of meetings, sometimes a dozen meetings in just one week alone…. all so I could get away with jerking off onto my daughters underwear?

Like seriously? Sir DumbFuck. I hope you do read this realize how much of a fucking piece of shit that you are. You can do your fucking job while being human, you don’t have to be a piece of shit on top of it. Fucking dare accuse me of something like that.


So we go and report all of this to the CBAT program. After some evaulations and many many more meetings, the director had decided that Michael was safe to return back home. The set up therapy for michael and went over with him about the places where it is alright to masturbate. We sure hoped that with all the group meetings that they do at the CBAT program and the therapy, and the whole situation would be enough for Michael to learn to control himself… but that is not the case as you will see. One rule that was made at the CBAT program was that he were to not use any electronic devices except as needed at school for school work only because this boy can not control himself.

So some time passes by. We know that we have to try to trust Michael again and hope that he actually did get better. So we let him have freedom where he can go on bike rides, walk the dog, go over to his friends house or his ‘grandfathers’ house. During all of this, Michael’s behavior seems odd. He would take the dog for a walk like 3 times a day. Whenever we would go somewhere he would always have to go to the bathroom and be in there for a while. We knew that something was up. We mentioned it to his counselor and of course Michael denied it, I mean, he is just a chronic liar so what do you expect?

One day Michael went for another one of his many daily walks with the dog. It was in the dead of summer. Hot as fuck out. Michele had to leave for work, and she happens to just drive by Heavenly Donuts. She calls me up to say that Michael was sitting outside there and it looked like he was on a phone. So, I jump into my vehicle and drive down. Low and behold, Michael has a phone in his hand. I jumped out of the vehicle, took the phone from him hand and the look of “oh shit. I’ve been caught” was great. Not only did Michael have a phone that he was not supposed to have, we was using the excuse to talk the dog so he could go and get free wifi from other places so he could look up porn, but the thing that was the worst of all is that Michael mad our family dog, sitting on brand new black asphalt, on one of the hottest days in the year, with no water for the dog and she is panting like crazy. His addiction to porn was so bad that he completely neglected the animal that he supposedly loved.

Once he got home I demanded that he give me the pin code to it and he at first refused, and I figured out why shortly afterwards. On this phone there was THOUSANDS of pictures that he downloaded depicting young children, incest porn, cartoons galore. So fucking disturbing. There was videos of him jerking off. Again. I had to stop looking as it was making me sick to my stomach.

With all the imagery depicting young children and the fact that Michael has obviously been questioning his sexuality, I had to ask Micheal “Is it just little girls that you have a sexual attraction to, or young boys as well?”, to which Michael responded “just little girls”. Ok, now I know for sure that he will NEVER be living in our home again. Back to the hospital he goes.

The CBAT program that Michael was in before wanted to take him back in, but they knew that this time I was not going to allow Michael back in the home no matter what. He already has admitted to having a sexual attraction to little girls, I am no longer taking my chance with him.

I handed the phone over to the director of the program. The director search through the phone as well and told us of even more disturbing images that I had not seen earlier (thankfully). These images were described to us as our dogs head in Michael’s naked crotch doing sexual things. It was also told to use that there were also images of him doing inappropriate things to our pig as well. Now I know how truly fucked in the head Michael is. I will probably never know the full extent to what was on that phone, and I don’t even want to know.

At this point, Michael has been in placement ever since he was brought to the hospital last time. We had to get the court involved and get Michael placed on to a CRA (Child Requiring Assistance) and a DCYF case worker to handle all of this.

In all of this, I have met with over 3 dozen different people, many organizations, and hundreds of meetings to help this boy… and I fucking regret every minute of it because that piece of shit alone ruined the relationship I had with my children by doing the very thing that I was trying so damn hard to get him help for.

And this is far from all of it that I have to say, but this should be enough information to for everyone to get a good clear picture about what Michael’s ambitions are.




So let this be a warning to everyone out there.

Michael has a severe issue with his inability to control himself. As determined by MANY professionals, he is not safe to be left alone with children or pets. He may get better over time, but it is impossible to tell for sure because he lies so much about pretty much everything that you just can never actually trust him.

My whole point of writing this up is to be a warning for everyone. Also, maybe, just maybe, some attorney will finally come across this information and be willing to help me fight my evil ex in court. I have put up plenty of info on this site for an attorney to understand how bullshit this is and be able to start helping me.